Sasha’s Style:
Her style can be best explained as “the mix”: an eclectic pairing of vintage pieces, antiques, modern furnishings and accessories. Mastering the mix comes easy for Sasha, as she loves the thrill of the hunt. Rarely does she meet a piece of furniture she has no desire to reinvent; it is the unexpected twists after all, like a bold coat of lacquer on the curve of an antique armchair, that make design personal.

Her Approach:
Known for being detail oriented, Sasha creates a curated and inspiring mix of objects in her designs, which radiate elegance and visual variety. She achieves this signature look by cherry picking elegant yet livable fabrics, savvy artwork and swoon worthy furnishings & accompaniments. Locating “jewelry”  (mirrors, lighting and intricate accessories) for the home is her passion. She exclaims, “You can never have too many fancifully framed mirrors, pairs of lamps or statement chandeliers!”

Design Summary:
As a high-low huntress Sasha brings a tasteful eye to her clients’ homes - connecting midcentury modern, vintage and contemporary furnishings together in her work. A skilled mix master, she carefully layers a rhapsody of reimagined & reinvted pieces.

Sasha believes personal style is not about money spent, home goods do not have to be expensive to be wonderful . . . quality design can be found at an affordable price. Her approach to design is cents & sensibility based - always mindful of keeping her clients pocketbook in tact . . . living rich while spending smart.

For more information please visit her “Services” page. 

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