My parent’s house is made mostly of wood and antique pieces are everywhere. My mom was somewhat of a collector so there were a lot of wooden furniture in our home. So much so that when I think of home, I will always associate it with wood. We have wooden tables with crocheted doilies as table runners, our rooms have wooden four-poster beds with wispy curtains, wooden chest or trunks in different corners of our house, wooden cupboards with glass in our kitchen and inside them were carefully placed china plates and saucers. Everything contributed to the charm of the place and it is a refuge from the urban vibe of the city. But for me, there was just too much wood. Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved our home and all its furniture and overall design. I can say now that my mother did a great job. But growing up, I have also wondered what it would be like to have soft and cushiony sofa chairs or tables made of any other material aside from wood. That’s why when I moved into my own space, I went for the modern minimalist style. I wanted my own identity and I know that I didn’t want a crowded space. I wanted to keep it simple. I just let the view from the windows do its job in keeping me in awe of the beauty of nature. I just went with what I needed. The colors were mostly black and white but of course, I put in some furniture with vivid colors to put the accent in my place and show my personality. I enjoyed the clean and orderly space. I found my peace in its simplicity. It was a great contrast from our home but I can say that this place is who I am and I am proud to call it mine.