Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

Garage door will become malfunction for quite a few reasons but one of the top reasons that I experience most often is the “garage door springs”. These springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Since garage doors are very heavy and bulky equipment and springs will support the mechanism to lift the 400 to 500 pounds and make the operations easy. Unfortunately, due to the high weight imposed on the garage door springs, they could eventually break. The important step is replacing a garage door torsion spring as soon as earlier they break down because it could be a cause behind the whole headache which you don’t want to handle. It is good to leave it to the professionals.

Lifespan of garage door springs: The life of garage door springs is determined in “cycles” which indicates how many times they will be usable before it breaks. The heavy-duty springs are ideal for more than 30,000 cycles according to garage door experts. Just assume that you have a well-functional garage door which is opened and closed about 6 times a day, you can expect to enjoy about 11 years of working life before the spring breaks.

Types of garage door springs: There are two common kinds of garage door springs that will be used on residential garage door buildings. One is an extension and the other is torsion garage door springs. a garage door with torsion spring normally has one large spring mounted above the opening of a garage with a spindle running through it. Whenever you operate the garage door, the spring clamps down on the spindle to generate or release the tension to help the garage door to run. Garage doors that have extension springs normally have springs placed on either side of the garage door which stretches out and bounces back when garage door runs.

Garage door springs repair: It is good to ask yourself, what I know about the garage door springs, and what do I do when they got damaged? Since garage door springs are used to lift the weight of the garage door. You may hear a loud noise while the garage door is operating and the garage door is handing at any angle suddenly.

If your garage door has torsion spring, I strongly recommended that hire a reputed, licensed, and certified garage door contractor for the help. Torsion springs are placed under extreme tension which should be handled properly to avoid turning the springs into a potentially lethal object if breaks down. Additionally, the garage door should be aligned properly to prevent it from further damages.