DIY Shabby Chic Design Cabinet

I have already told you how my mom collected and filled our house with wooden antique furniture. She loved them so much that when my husband and I got married, my mother insisted that I took some of our home furniture into our new house. I was about to refuse because it didn’t go well with the overall interior of our modern home but my husband advised me to take my mom’s offer so that she would not be offended. He challenged me to recreate those pieces using my own style in designing so that they won’t seem out of place in our house. And I was more than ready to take on the challenge.

My first home project was recreating the cabinet given by my mother. Since it was made of wood and glass, we decided we wanted to put it in the living room where we can also put our photos and other memorabilia for our guests to see. But the brown varnished cabinet seemed out of place in our living room. So, I figured I wanted to redesign the wooden part into a shabby chic style. This will not alter the cabinet’s look too much so my mom, along with other people, will still appreciate its beauty. It just needed a facelift so I removed the paint and varnish by sanding them down. I then painted it with white but I did not coat it with too much paint so that it still showed its warm wood background. It still had that well-worn appeal. For me, the white paint softened its feature and allowed it to blend with the rest of our furniture. That way, the memorabilia inside would be the accent in our living room. The cabinet adds charm to our place and made it less modern therefore befitting its purpose of holding our cherished memories for everyone else to see. This is a very simple DIY project for you to try. I just coated it with a protective sealer and I was done and satisfied!