Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Décor - Museum of the Southwest

Christmas Décor -  Museum of the Southwest

During the Holiday Season of 2011 I was asked to be a part of the Museum of the Southwest’s Christmas at the Mansion Celebration and I was delighted!

I chose to decorate the fireplace vignette in a brown & green theme and even brought in furnishings to make it feel like small & cozy living space. 

Blank Canvas before shots: 

Trucking in carloads of decor from my car:

 "After" shots: 

I love this fabulous green ribbon on the tree - complete with embroidery, leaf appliques and sequins: 

Additionally, I decorated the mantel in one of the tea rooms in a brightly colored cupcake theme. 

Due to the historic preservation of the Museum Mansion I was unable to properly secure this colorful fun garland and it ended up shattering all over the floor . . .  good thing I snapped a shot with my iPhone before it crashed! 

In the end I decorated the mantel sans-garland with brightly wrapped books, cake stands and oversized cupcake ornaments:

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  1. So pretty!!!! I wish you could have decorated this year so we could see it in person! :):)


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