Friday, November 30, 2012

Tomorrow: Target & Neiman Marcus

Tomorrow: Target & Neiman Marcus

What Santa's AMEX card has in store tomorrow = the Target/Neimans Partnership!

Alice & Olivia Luggage

This is what I would consider a warranted purchase.
Any of you reading this who have seen my (now) 3 wheeled pink carry on from the
Target girls section many moons ago would agree I'm certain.
Currently that piece of luggage houses piles of photographs I need to put into
photo albums. Yikes.

So you see, not only do I WANT this, clearly I NEED it too. :)

My only wish is that they made this in the full size as well.

Derek Lam slippers. Are these for men? Women? Who cares. They can be for ME either way.
 Tracy Reese blouse. Love it. Love Tracy Reese clothes. In. The. Cart. 

Marchesa Little Girls Dress.
I will buy for at least 1 out of 3 nieces and promptly steal it when they out grow it.
Maybe I should buy two and have it made into an adult size. Humm. Wheels. Are. Spinning. 
I mean does a skirt get any cuter?  I think not. 

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