Friday, November 9, 2012

Sneak Peek: Kitchen

Sneak Peek: Kitchen

In our new house our kitchen & family room are one - which means 90% of our time will be spent in this room.

Don't get me wrong the kitchen had recently been updated and had design elements that I really liked -
white cabinets, nice island, pretty range & marble subway tile backsplash.

But I felt like it needed some glamming up.

In my opinion the two ways to add instant glamour = mirror & glass.

Here is a sneak peek of whats been "cookin" in our kitchen:

Meet our twins . . . a pair of these now hang over the island: 

New Hardware (& island color) 

Glamming up the outlets with beveled mirror outlet plates ;) 

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  1. oh I can't take it! Can I come over!?! We need to get together, lady!


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