Monday, October 8, 2012

On the Menu Monday: Green Chile & Lime Shrimp Fettucini

On the Menu Monday: Green Chile & Lime Shrimp Fettucini

On my recent trip to the grocery I stumbled upon this sauce packet while gathering up a few jars of jalapeƱos.

It sounded delish – Key Lime Cilantro Skillet Sauce with roasted tomatillo and green chiles.

Into. The. Cart.

Grocery List:
1 package of Frontera Key Lime Cilantro Taco Sauce (found mine at SuperTarget) 
Olive Oil
1 lb. of shrimp (I used frozen)
1 tomato
½ large red onion
2 red/orange peppers
1 lime
¼ jar jalapenos
1 small jar diced green chiles
½ can corn
½ can black beans
Flour (1 tbsp)
Light Cream Cheese (approx. 4 tbsp.)
Skim Milk (1/3 Cup)
Wheat Fettucini ½ package (or pasta/brown rice noodle of your choosing)

1. Cook shrimp with olive oil & set aside
2. Bring water to a boil
3. While water is heating, cook cut veggies: tomato, onion, peppers, jalapenos, green chiles, corn & black beans in the skillet with a dash of olive oil. 
4. Cook noodles
5. While noodles are cooking blend skim milk, cream cheese & flour and add to skillet with package of key lime cilantro sauce.
6. Toss drained, cooked noodles into skillet, add the juice of one lime and serve. 

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  1. yum!!! I saw those sauce mixes and wanted to try them out!!!! I must first look to see if they are gluten free : /


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