Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at Home

Halloween at Home:
When decorating for the many occasions the years have in store – I like to integrate decorative accessories we already display to help keep it interesting & mix it up. Check out these two examples: 

- Mirrored Candlesticks topped with pumpkins
- Bust with a feather boa “hair” 
- Necklace tied with spider web ornament 

- Vintage fencing mask (spooky, right?) covered with spider web ornaments 
& another necklace 
- Fencing mask is sitting atop a crystal vase

Tip: You can find "pretty" Spider Web ornaments during the Christmas Season. Have you heard of the tale of the Christmas spider and the origin of Christmas tinsel?
I found the ornaments above at Neiman Marcus & Dillards. 

Happy Halloween! 

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