Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghouls Night Out: Boo-Tini (with black vodka)

Ghouls Night Out: Boo-Tini (with black vodka)

This layered (orange & black) cocktail is perfect for Halloween!

What you need:
Orange Juice
Black Vodka (“Blavod” Vodka is what I used)
Black sanding sugar
Squeeze bottle or a spoon

How to:
1) Rim glass with black sanding sugar
2) Pour in orange juice
3) At a slow pace & with a steady hand add the black vodka – use a spoon/squeeze bottle if you need. (Warning: if you pour too quickly your drink will turn a grey/green)

Want to mix-up another layered Halloween drink? I also spotted a Black Rum called, “The Kraken Dark Spiced Rum”. For a chocolate drink, layer black rum with heavy cream & crème de cacao. Layer black rum first, crème de cacao second & heavy cream last. Sprinkle with nutmeg. 

Happy Ghouls Night Out! 

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