Wednesday, October 24, 2012

DIY: 25 cent Mummy Mask

DIY: 25 cent Mummy Mask

I think it might be from back in the day when I would put on summer “KIDZ KAMPS” for the neighborhood kids in our backyard . . . but I seem to “collect” random things for crafts . . . Egg crates being among the top items!

Here is how to up-cycle egg crates for a family fun craft.

Supply List:
Egg crates
A 3-D form of some sort (resembling a mask)– I bought this St Patricks Day HAT at the Party Supply Store for 25 cents

1) Tear up egg crates

2) Soak the egg crates in water over-night. To keep the egg crates submerged in water, place a glass jar on top.

3)The next day after your egg crates have softened from soaking, create your own paper mache paste:
1 part flour to 5 parts water
Boil 5 parts water and add 1 part flour
4)Pour paper mache mixture into blender & blend
(Paper Mache mixture will be thick and will last a few days)

5) Remove torn egg crates from water and continue to tear into “mummy style pieces” – squares & strips – patting dry as you go along.

6) Cover 3D mold / plastic party hat with foil and put down one later of
Paper mache paste.
7) Layer egg crates & paste until covered.
8) Let sit 48 hours.
9) Remove Mummy Mask –& paint white or any color! 

I think the Mummy would make a cute addition to a Halloween Wreath or hang it from the ledge of a candle stick. 

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