Tuesday, September 4, 2012



It was a moment nothing short of a viral you tube video.

To kick of this past holiday weekend Bo (our standard poodle) chased a Squirrel INTO THE HOUSE!

That’s right. A squirrel on the loose, running through the house!

The only thing I could think about was the scene from Christmas Vacation. And that my phone was in my office where the squirrel was running around and not in my hand with the record button on. 

Luckily,  I had a slew of art propped up in the hallway which Mr. Z quickly grabbed up and used as a gate/shield/barrier/stop sign to blockade the squirrel from getting too far into our house.

He made several, SEVERAL laps around my office and then thankfully back outside.

In honor of our first “Squirrel-y” situation – a few Squirrels in home d├ęcor! 

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