Friday, September 21, 2012

Falling for Fall: Totally Tortoise

Falling for Fall: Totally Tortoise

I love tortoise. Especially in the fall.
Year round my glasses and favorite pumps are classic tortoise but this season I will be purchasing tortoise jewelry and maybe a few home goods as well! 
Here is what I have been eye-ing: 

Totally Tortoise Sources:
1. C Wonder Tortoise Deco Necklace 
2. C Wonder Tortoise Letter Belt Buckle 
3. Tortoise Salad Servers
4. C Wonder Studded Tortoise Cuff 
5. Forever 21 tortoise hair clips
6. C Wonder Skinny Patent Tortoise Leather Belt 
7. Tortoise Console Table (to the trade – contact me for info)
8. C Wonder Twisted Chain Links Tortoise Bracelet 
9. Tortoise hurricane
10. Neiman Marcus Ray-Ban Wayfarer Tortoise  Sunglasses
11. C Wonder Tortoise Glass Nut Bowl 
12. Neiman Marcus Jimmy Choo Crown Tortoise Printed Pump

Are you Falling for Tortoise too? 

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