Thursday, August 2, 2012

Patio Palooza: Chevron, Stripes & Floral

Patio Palooza: Chevron, Stripes & Floral

I love a pretty patio! I know its not common place to adorn the patio with chandeliers, lamps & mirrors . . . but . . . why not take advantage of your patio and create another “room” to your home?! Outdoor living is here to stay! {Except of course, when its 111 degrees outside!} 

With a West Texas drought, ground granite & no grass - we pumped up the color volume with green & blue and a small splash of pink! 

Go all out – or simply add a fun pillow or two!

Check out yesterday’s post for my DIY tutorial to create your own rope chandelier like mine! 

Next week I will be sharing a DIY tutorial on how to create the funky topiaries shown in the lime green urns above! Stay Tuned! 

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  1. Sasha! I love your site! :) Hope you all are doing well in Texas! It's been too long! :) XX


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