Thursday, August 30, 2012

Owl Theme Baby Shower

Owl Theme Baby Shower 

Today my best friend of 30 years welcomed her baby girl into the world! 
The Lord provided a “run-in” for our mothers in a fabric store when we were only a few months old and I can not wait to be there for the next chapters in her life as she and her husband love, nurture and teach their daughter – not to mention all of the trips to the fabric store we will be taking with her! 

Today her “Look Whooo’s Having a Baby” Owl themed baby shower – coined - “Whimsical Woodland Storybook”  - or something like that - by her sis & moi. Her shower was given with love by "Team Hooters" {ha!} her mothers two best friends (one of which is my mama), her sis Lauren & myself. The color palette: red, pink & turquoise, mimicking her nursery - and as many Owls as we could get our hands on! 

Check out this darling Owl invite made by her fab sissy Lauren over at three pink dots 

The Owl Nametag Tree in the Entry {with brownie envelope favors}

The “Whimsical Woodland Storybook” Table

Hoot hoot!

Owl Cake, complete with stump plateau of course

Anne of Green Gables, her favorite growing up 
and the name of her precious daughter

You have never seen a girl SO EXCITED about diapers in your life!

Mommy & Daddy practicing stroller “drills” with the stuffed owl {as the funny crowd roared “it’s raining!, she needs changing!, it's hot!, she’s hungry!”} 

After today no more “drills” for these two! 
With so much love, Congratulations Mommy & Daddy! 

Want the DIY scoop from the Owl Name Tag Tree & Tags? CLICK HERE

Want the DIY scoop from the Brownie Button Envelope Favors? CLICK HERE

Want to see more from this shower? 
Head over to mommy's  Sarah to Shreveport &  sissy's Three Pink Dots  for their posts!  


  1. Thank you for showcasing my DIY Owl Template that Three Pink Dots used for the invitations!

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