Monday, August 6, 2012

Drop Cloth Prince & Princess

Well . . . it almost happened . . . I nearly missed today! eek.

Things are in a nut-shell, crazy.

Our Realtor friend set it straight when she said "I've never heard of a move that fast!"
We get that A LOT.

I think it might just be finally catching up to us.

I thought I would post something to make y'all laugh . . . truly appropriate for our whirlwind 
life lately. 

The drop cloths in our new home will be making their appearance 
next Monday!!! Can not wait. GRAPHITE & GOLD here we come! 

Here I am as a baby during a remodel just hanging out on a drop cloth {with our dog Tiffany}

And here is our furry Prince Charming . . . napping on the drop cloths just like his mom used to do! ;) 

Off to Best Buy to go buy a wireless extender . . . and a phone . . . the kind you plug into the wall . . . the kind I haven't had for 12 years . . . and wait for it . . .  we have a 539 area code!!

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