Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Spiral Topiaries

DIY: Spiral Topiaries

I would love for the outdoor areas of our home to be filled with manicured boxwoods - in spirals & spheres G-A-L-O-R-E!

Until then, I decided to create a boxwood “band-aid” if you will . . . 
These spiral topiaries require no maintenance! 
A perfect way to add pep in your (backyard) step this summer.

Supply List
1. Foam Pool Noodles (handy if they are in green) – I found mine at Dollar Tree
2. (a) Moss – I used Moss “rolls” from Michaels (use their coupon and save 40%)
2. (b) Moss Balls – To add finishing “finials” by small (approx. 2 inch) moss balls (they come in 6 packs) also found in the Moss Section
3. Cone Shaped Garden Support – I found mine in the Clearance Section of Hobby Lobby – they can be found in any garden section of your local nursery or home improvement store for around $3
4. Spray Paint (for cone shaped garden support)
5. Green Floral Tape (found by the Moss) and perhaps floral wire 
6. Wide Tape (clear packing tape, etc.)
7. Drill & Small Drill Bit
8. Electric Turkey Carving Knife or Bread knife with serrated edges
9. Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks
10. Scissors

1. Begin by cutting the Foam Pool Noodles in half – creating two semi-circular pieces.

2. Tape these pieces together elongating the foam noodle.  

3. To find the correct size, spirally wrap around the cone shape garden support. For mine one “elongated” noodle was perfect.

4. Next, wrap the noodle with moss and glue onto the noodle. Continue until noodle is completely covered. You cut the moss sheeting which is a BIG mess!

5. Spray paint your cone shaped garden support in desired color.

6. Wrap green floral tape around the top of the garden support – securing the metal together & creating a more exaggerated “cone” shape.

7. Use your floral tape and secure the moss wrapped noodle to the bottom of the garden support. Swirl the noodle around the garden support and secure the top with floral tape as well. If the noodle is acting up, secure with floral wire   as well. 

8. Using extra moss sheeting cover your two floral taped areas.

9. Using your drill, drill a hole into the moss balls. Place on the top of the garden support to complete the topiary.

10. Place topiary on urn or planter. I jazzed up our pots by giving them a fresh coat of lime green paint & adding hot pink aquarium rocks to the top for an extra pop of color! {to avoid color fading, do not place in full sun} 

Wanting some more outdoor inspiration?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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