Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY: Rope Chandelier

DIY Rope Chandelier

When I received the Restoration Hardware telephone book sized catalog in the mail at the beginning of the year, I loved the look of all of the rope chandeliers and thought the "Restoration Hardware Planetarium Chandelier"  would make the perfect addition to our patio!

However, I wasn't really looking to spend $795 on an light fixture that I would be using outside, so I went the DIY route . . . in a few short  hours you can have one hanging on your patio too! And for $35 - or less !!!!

Supply list:

3 Hula Hoops, $1 each from the Dollar Tree

200 ft manila rope, I bought the 3/8" from the local Army Surplus Store at .10 cents per foot  

{Note: Learn from my mistake. The first rope chandelier I made I used 5/8" thick rope. It was entirely too heavy and broke! 3/8” is less heavy, less thick and a less expensive sisal/manila rope!}

1 small ball twisted jute twine; I bought mine at the Army Surplus Store as well for $1.00

Chandelier, look beyond the exterior and for the shape you want in the light fixture itself, I bought mine at Goodwill for $10

Light bulbs, I used "night light" bulbs, because of all of the jute/rope plus it achieves a "candlelit" feel outside

Heavy duty packing tape, duct tape or similar

Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Scissors (sharp!)

Toilet paper/ paper towel rolls

I also needed the following to hang the chandelier outside so I also purchased

100lb multi-purpose hook

Nail wire clips (I needed 12) - 10 cents each from Ace Hardware

Drill & 5/32" drill bit from my toolbox

Metal chain link, I needed less than one foot which I had in our garage


Begin by wrapping the first hula-hoop in rope - tape down to "start" and when finished secure end with hot glue. Continue wrapping entire
hoop, you may need to hot glue a bit along the way to keep rope from slipping & twisting.  Continue wrapping & gluing until all 3 hoops are complete.

Once the 3 hoops are completed, begin to create your desired shape by arranging the hoops one at a time and securing each
with a jute wrap. Your outer structure is now complete.

Next, begin working on your inner structure. If needed disassemble glass, brass, etc. from chandelier - leaving you with only the interior light fixture.

Wrap the light fixture in jute twine (wrap, hot glue, repeat) If the jute has "fly-aways" cut them, or spray them down with a shot of hairspray.

To make a jute cord and chain cover, I taped together a few toilet paper rolls and wrapped them in jute twine and secured with hot glue.
Your interior structure is now complete.

Next, its time to hang your chandelier! Begin by using a 5/32" drill bit and drilling a hole, next screw in your hook (this is for a wood supported structure -read the directions as they differ from concrete to drywall and by hook as well)

Hang rope hoop structure first, I weaved chain link (6 links long) up & through the jute wrap and placed the 2 links on the ends onto the hook

Next I hung the interior light fixture by attaching two chain links through the bottom part of the jute wrap (from above) and secured the electrical cord with nail wire clips on the beam so they would be tucked nicely away. I plugged the new chandy into the nearest outlet and Wah-Lah! 

Dollar Tree Hula Hoops
Goodwill Chandelier Before & After glass & extra brass removed 

Trip to the Army Surplus Store for rope! 

Rope Wrap Begins!

{I secured my circles a bit differently from the “RH Planetarium” version}

I completed this DIY while Mr. Z, his brother and one of his best buddies were hanging out in our living room watching TV after golf. You can imagine the looks the three of them were giving me as I wrapped hula hoops with rope . . . but all three were quite impressed when I was finished! 

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