Friday, August 17, 2012

Cupcake Themed Baby Shower

Cupcake Themed Baby Shower 

Yesterday I posted a DIY for Marshmallow Pops I made for my friend Jamie’s Baby Shower. Today, I wanted to share photos from the rest of her baby shower! 

The hostess’ thought it would be fun to change it up a little bit for this baby shower and hosted the shower at a local cake & cupcake bakery - it was so fun! 

All of the guests were able to decorate 6 cupcakes and take them home as their party favors! 

In the spirit of the “cupcake” theme, we thought it would be fun for the party-goers to wear chef hats!
{DIY Tip: I bought these paper chef hats at the local restaurant supply and added flower flourish made from coffee filters & cupcake wrappers!}

Cupcake wrapper garland centerpieces: 
{DIY Tip: I took a needle and a LONG piece of thread through a variety of cupcake wrapper sizes}

{DIY Tip: I transformed this wire garden mannequin up in our attic into a pregnant "dressed" mannequin with fabric scraps, pillow stuffing & hot glue}

 Have a great weekend!

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