Monday, July 30, 2012

House Hunting!

House Hunting!

This weekend was spent trying not to have a heat stroke while organizing our new garage. I will spare you the photos, as you might rightfully turn my name into the tv show “Hoarders.”

Anywho . . . I thought I would share my favorite photos from our house hunting experience . . . pre heat exhaustion of course. 

This home was an entertainers dream! ILOVED this house.  

Not practical for us as it stood, but these rooms sure were fabulous! 
When it sells I hope I can see what the owner does with this home – I bet it will be a jaw dropper! 

These two rooms were why I was crazy about the house - - -

Formal living room with huge marble fireplace flanked by with two small staircases with beautiful brass railings 

Leading into this butternut paneled family room with travertine floors 

Huge sliding glass back doors opening to patio and a solarium complete with white ground granite and travertine steps

And lets not forget the Dorothy Draper style powder bath – look at the curved marble vanity and the knobs 

I could have moved in right then & there – furniture and all!
I mean, the ART, those leopard chairs. all of it. Ah-mah-zing. 

 The next home is a COMPLETE 180 from the Hollywood Glam home above - - - my favorite features of this home were . . .

In this kitchen to the left side of the photo (where the small chair is) was a BAKING STATION!! That’s right. An area of the kitchen complete with all baking needs sectioned off into its own corner - mixers, bowls, oven, sink, cabinets for baking needs and piles of cake plates!!! 


Additionally the mirrored antique door cabinets were gorgeous. I love the detail that went into making this kitchen less "kitchen" and more "room." 

Clearly this kitchen was a stunner . . . to say the least! 

Next up, the powder bathroom. I love a unique powder bath and this shell sink atop a French table did the trick!

Well, back to reality . . . boxes, cable company, security company and of course more boxes.

Happy Monday!

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