Friday, July 6, 2012

Get Organized: Paint Chips & Fabric Swatches

Get Organized: My quick & easy tip to keep fabric swatches & paint chips under control 

You can be sure I am always carrying around fabric swatches, they usually find their way into one of many plastic Ziploc baggies and nestle their way into the depths of my purse. My paint chips generally bulge out of my wallet and onto the floor when I'm retrieving my credit card. 

Not anymore. 

By simply using a hole punch and a split ring, fabric swatches & paint chips are easily organized, take up very little room and are extremely handy!

Make a set for each room in your home for quick reference on paint touch ups &  fabrics  - - -  toss them into your bag on your way out the door when shopping for new additions to coordinate with your room.

Perfect for current rooms or your next project! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. You would have these in your purse.... along with the tape measure you and Natalie were both telling me you carry at all times. I feel like I need to take another look through my purse and evaluate what I carry....

  2. I'm SO making one of these for both fabrics and paint this weekend. Done. LOve. This.

  3. Darling Sasha! You are every bit the creative girl I remember from childhood. You've come a long way from decorating your mom's bathroom with, well nevermind.


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