Thursday, July 26, 2012

DIY: Name Tag Tree & Owl Name Tags

DIY: Name Tag Tree & Owl Name Tags

Yesterday I posted the instructions for DIY Brownie Envelope Favors with Button Closures from my besties recent “Look WhOO’s Having a Baby” Shower.  Today a Red, White & Blue continuation featuring another DIY – Name Tag Tree & Owl Name Tags!

Supply List:
Spray Paint
Vessel/ Vase
Scrapbook Paper
Rhinestone jewels with sticky backing
Flat back push through pin with closure
Scrapbook Paper
Hot Glue

Name Tag Tree

1) Gather branches either from your yard or purchase branches from your local craft store.

2) Paint the branches - - - I find the easiest way to spray paint branches is to stick them into a box and spray the top ½ in one or two rounds, let dry and then flip the branches in the box to spray paint the alternate ends. If your box is wobbly, add a soup can to secure.

3) Once dry gather the painted branches into a vessel of your choosing and arrange.

4) Tie ribbon (I used 4 different ribbons from 4 spools) to branches and cut a variety of lengths to add interest & whimsy.

Next, create “Owl Name Tags” for the  “Name Tag Tree” you just created.

1) Create two Owl Templates – one a bit larger than the other as well as a “branch” for the Owl to “sit” upon.

2) Trace the templates onto Scrapbook paper and cut out.

3) Glue the 3 pieces together, add the rhinestones for the “eyes” and glue the push through enclosure to the back.

4) Push the pin through the hanging ribbons of the Name Tag tree and secure with backing. When guests arrive, remove their Owl Name Tag from the Name Tag Tree and have them write their name on the "branch." 

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