Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Favors: Brownie Mix Envelopes with Button Closure

DIY Favors: Brownie Mix Envelopes with Button Closure 

Continuing on with this weeks Olympic spirit - - -  a little Red, White & Blue DIY for you!

From my besties recent “Look Whoo’s Having a Baby” Shower, the favors: Brownie Mix Envelopes!

Supply List:
Scrapbook Paper
Cupcake Wrappers
Brownie Mix (make your own or use a boxed mix)
Small “treat” sized plastic sacks
Hot Glue

Step 1:
Using a scrap piece of paper, design your envelope template to fit the size of paper you will be using for your envelope. Mine had 4 “bendable” flaps – 2 with blunt corners and 2 with pointed corners.

Step 2:
Using a pencil and your home-made envelope template, trace out as many envelopes as you need onto scrapbook paper.

Step 3: Cut out your traced envelopes.

Step 4: Fold the traced & cut paper into envelope style.

Step 5:
Taking a button, needle & piece of thread, sew a button onto the 2 outer envelope flaps. This will become your closure.

Step 6:
Place brownie mix into small treat sacks and secure into inner envelope with tape.

Step 7:
Taking a piece of thread, “enclose” the envelope by using a “figure 8” of thread around the 2 outer buttons.

Step 8:
Stack & hot glue cupcake wrappers onto the envelope, adding a button flourish to the top– creating a “poppy” flower detail.

Step 9:
Write or print brownie baking instruction label and attach via enclosure thread. 


  1. I Loved this so much! Thank you for making them for Annie Beth's shower. I can't wait to show her all the things you and everyone did for her. She will be floored! These were over the top fabulous... just like everything you do! Love you!

  2. This is unique as these buttons are looking cute.Nice post.Thanks for sharing this idea.Pooh Baby Shower


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