Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: EASY Marquee Circus Light

DIY: EASY Marquee Circus Light

For my nephews 7th Birthday I made him a Marquee Circus Light – he and all of the guests – both large & small - LOVED it  (not to worry I also gifted him a Nerf Glow in the Dark Dart & Dart Blaster!)

Supply List:
1) Piñata (I found mine at the local party store)
2) G40 Globe Light Bulbs (I found these in the clearance section of Hobby Lobby – but I have seen them in all major home improvement stores)
3) Spray Paint
4) Plastic Lawn Edging (found in the garden section – or in your garage!)
5) Scissors (x-acto knife optional)
6) Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut & Remove the top portion of the Piñata & Remove excess Piñata “fringe”

Step 2: Using a Pencil or other thin sharp object, position holes for the light bulbs to enter the backside of the Piñata

Step 3: Cut plastic lawn edging to size and secure to the backside of the Piñata with hot glue (this is where the overflow of cords will be stored as well as help to stabilize the Piñata)

Step 4: Paint the Piñata

Step 5: Push G40 globe lights through the openings from Step 2 

Step 6: Plug in! 

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