Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A “Bang” for your Buck Fourth: Patriotic Cake, Candies & Strawberries

A “Bang” for your Buck Fourth: Patriotic Cake, Candies & Strawberries
Have you seen this Fourth of July Patriotic Flag Cake? SO Adorable. 

Last year, Mr. Z & I hosted an impromptu 4th of July BBQ, and while he was manning our gigantic smoker, I was baking the Patriotic Flag Cake. Why I chose to tackle this cake a few hours before we were having a party, I'm not quite sure.

Needless to say, there wasn't any time to take a "real" photo and the only shot of the cake I took was this one. Hum. Not exactly the picture of perfection like those shown above! ;) The good news was that it was inexpensive & delish, even though it looked a little rough, it's the thought that counts! 

{ If I make this again I would use all white icing & a cake leveler to make it even & add layers! Oopsy. }

Next up Patriotic Strawberries

 I managed to not to mess up the Patriotic Strawberries! (yep, we'll call this "fridge fancy" food staging - via iPhone!) If I make these again I will really load up on the blue sugar ends like they did in the 1st photo. These are super easy: melt either a few Wilton candy melts (in the baking section of local craft store) or melt Almond Bark (found at the grocery), dip in strawberry, dip in sanding sugar, done!

Here are a few more ways to snazz up your 4th of July BBQ in a flash! 

Use red bandanas as napkins - I love using bandanas, they are a great re-usable staple to have for get togethers! You can often find them on sale for under $1 each 

Whip up a batch of Red Sangria (or a non-alcoholic red beverage, or both!) 

The ABSOLUTE easiest way to dress up your July 4th party . . . swing
 by the local convenience store and buy a few bags of red, white & blue candies. {Shown here York (peppermint patty) Pieces & Cherry Sour Balls}

No impromptu BBQ for us this year, we are  keeping it super simple and heading over to the Country Club to watch the fireworks – tomorrow I will bust out the sparklers, they are my fave! 

Do you have fun 4th plans? 

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