Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Toolbox Treasures

3 Toolbox Treasures 

I heart these toolbox treasures . . . they make DIYing so much easier! 
{above photo - pink bathroom love!} 

Purdy Paintbrushes: 
My #1 Purdy Pick, the 2.5 inch Purdy XL Cub Brush. 
I love painting with this brush because the handle is the perfect size for my small hands. With this brush I feel in control and even don't mind doing trim work without painters tape! 

Ook Professional Picture Hanging Nails: 
I try to only use these Ook picture hanging nails. The hole they leave behind is small, they are strong and easy to handle when nailing into the wall and the nail head is large enough for a dainty wire to catch! The best part, I have yet to hammer my thumb while using these nails! 

Ook Sawtooth picture hangers:
The Ook Sawtooth picture hanger is a must in your toolbox, the nails are large enough to nail into the picture frame and the grip is substantial. So much easier than the flimsy & frustrating alternative picture hangers . . . the "hands free" nailing feature allows for the white plastic circle to hold the nail in place as you steady the circle while you hammer. 

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