Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Store Spotlight: Inside C. Wonder

Store Spotlight: Inside C. Wonder 

If you haven’t checked out C. Wonder, a lifestyle retail brand focused on home décor, accessories & apparel, headed by entrepreneur J. Christopher Burch, its time to get on board.  If you are fortunate to live near a C. Wonder – GO THERE. ASAP. 

{ If you are like me & don't live near a C. Wonder click here to see my C. Wonder Site Spotlight post }

Check out what’s in store . . . AH-MA-ZING!! 

 From what I’ve read, the C. Wonder experience includes wonderful customer service, immaculate bathrooms and one of a kind dressing rooms complete with customizable lighting and music! PLUS in-store monogramming! Whoa.  

Have you been to C. Wonder? Tell us about it! 

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