Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fluff Bake Bar: Cup|Cake

Fluff Bake Bar: Cup|Cake 

Good morning readers, I'm logging in from my mom's Mac via her kitchen table today, and am running a little behind! 

I stumbled upon a darling idea that I thought you would enjoy, Fluff Bake Bar's Cup|Cakes - a thick slice of cake in a cup. I think its a darling play on words and great idea. If I were closer to Houston I would stop in and buy one for myself! 

Fluff Bake Bar Carrot Cup|Cake

 Fluff Bake Bar Veruca Salt Cake Cup|Cake

 Fluff Bake Bar Funfetti Birthday Cup|Cake

How adorable! I have seen the idea of cupcake push-pops at showers & birthdays, which I love, but never seen a cup of cake sold at a bakery! Love it! 

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