Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Chevron Pots

DIY Chevron Pots

Day two of our Drab to Fab front door makeover continues today with DIY Chevron Pots! 

Our small pots looked ridiculous and I was ready for a change up . . . something fun for the summer! Here’s the kicker, have you seen the prices of planters & pots? $$$. No thank you.

I spotted these contemporary pots in the 
Wal Mart Garden section for $21.96 each. Sold to Moi!


Painted Pink!

To make the chevron pattern I downloaded this Printable Template from Next, I cut out the chevron designs and traced them onto a large piece of painters tape that I made by layering painters tape.

Next, I cut out the traced chevron pattern on the painters tape. 

Next, I added the chevron painters tape template to the pink pots. 
You can see the variety of Chevron sizes 
(the printable template has 4 options and I used them all).

Once the pots were painted, I felt they looked a little bit too much like a 
Mexican Restaurant . . . maybe I was craving chips & salsa . . . who knows . . .  bottom line: the “fiesta” pots needed to be toned down. 

I painted over most of the Chevron stripe and love how they turned out 
 - - just a splash of Chevron detailing!

 a lil reminder of the BEFORE


In the words of my mother, "Now that's a shot in the arm!" 

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