Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Casa Kalika Interior: Punta Mita, Mexico

Casa Kalika Interior:  Punta Mita, Mexico

If you missed yesterdays introduction to Casa Kalika click here.

Today I am sharing photos of Casa Kalika’s interior spaces including: master suites, fabulous bathrooms, sunken indoor living room and modern kitchen from our stay. 

Elements of modern white, touches of orange, dark woods, light stone, rock, lush natural greenery and water are shown in every space, but not necessarily in the same way. Every room throughout the property was different, yet there was a very cohesive feel - I really loved the uniqueness that hard to find balance brought to the space. 

The villa boasts the perfect combination of private spaces to retreat with an spacious, airy & open environment. 

The first master suite had its own pond - - which was perfect for my 2 little nieces! Here is the view from the bed:

Bathroom opened up to private outdoor space:

Outdoor shower: 

Another master suite: 

If you look at the rock wall you can see light coming in – they had long narrow skylights like this throughout the villas bathrooms:

All of the fabulous marble tubs had equally glorious, private views:

Another master suite – I love the soft, airy & romantic feel of this room: 

Another marble bathtub with private view: 

Outdoor shower:

This is the suite that Mr. Z & I were in: 

You can see a hint of the sliding doors on the right, they were large glass sliding doors accompanied by separate “black-out” sliding shutters . . . smart!:

This was the marble bathtub in our suite, one of us should have stood in it so you could really get a feel for the enormity of the tub!

I absolutely loved the way they designed these sinks! Notice the natural light coming in from the ceiling sky light = perfect for make up application (even though this was more of a sunscreen only type of vacay!) 

Our private outdoor shower (I should mention that all of the bathrooms also had swanky indoor showers in case outdoor showering isn’t really your thing)

Sunken living room ("media" room) – I LOVED this too! We spent family “pizza night” in here watching baseball and hanging out: 

The kitchen, we didn’t spend much time in here except to grab a coke light (my absolute fave) or beer out of the fridge late in the evening, but isn’t it a beauty:

State of the Art kitchen complete with a vaulted ceiling! 

I loved the kitchen window . . . complete with herb garden at your finger tips= genius! 

I took this photo of the outdoor dining space in the evening. The dining space is situated under the Palapa living area and you can see how amazing the property looks in the evening as well . . . that table, those chairs and the wall of candlelight = perfection!

The villas owners also own Prive Salons & Spas here in the US – which probably accounts for why the bathrooms were SO incredibly fabulous – they had full size bath products from their Prive Salons & Spas, Casa Kalika monogrammed robes and luxe bath sheets in every bathroom. . .  I would venture to say there was not a single detail the owners overlooked! 

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