Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Think Pink Wedding Week: Ceremony Details

When asked the question for a bridal shower
“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”
Mr. Z responded in comedic timing stating:
 “I’m pretty sure I’ll be hauling furniture across the country!”
Does he know me or what?

I am so blessed to have Mr. Z as my husband. He ties for 1st place with my mother for being my biggest fan, is always there with his charming wit and comedic timing – especially when I need it most, plays the role of “fire-extinguisher” when my “inspired” ideas get a little out of touch, gives me the independence to be myself - loving me unconditionally (including enduring a home full of crafting craziness/ financially sponsoring garages full of furniture /grown accustom to his wife often covered head to toe in paint!), doesn’t stifle my creative spirit, supports my goals and dreams & encourages me and gives me hope through all of the curve balls this life can throw (this year in particular there have been quite a few)!

Happy Anniversary . . . here’s to our journey full of “TSD’s” (Typical Sasha Deals, an acronym he coined for the chaotic events that seem to follow me) and our abundant unfailing love! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Z!!! LOVE all of the posts about your gorgeous and very "Sasha" wedding!


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