Thursday, April 19, 2012

Orange Crush: Orange + Aqua with a splash of Pink and DOMINO 2012

Orange Crush: Orange + Aqua with a Splash of Pink and DOMINO 2012 hits newsstands! 

Inspired by this weeks previous blog entries (seen here & here) . . . below are a few impressive rooms causing me to have a major Orange-Crush (and aqua . . . with a side of pink!)  . . .

In other news, perhaps I have been living under a rock, but until last night while walking from one end of Lowes to the other, I did not know that Domino was releasing a Special Edition 2012 this Spring! I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it exclaiming to no one in particular other than perhaps our standard poodle Bo, "What?!?! Oh my gosh!!!" and dropped the Domino "quick fixes" special edition into my cart. Well, who am I kidding . . . I eventually I dropped it into my cart after I tried not read the entire thing right then and there, not to read it once I got into my car and to wait until I was home where I could really, really sink into it. I'm sure we all know how that went. I think I read it in the middle of Lowes, in my car and in our home (both in my office and our living room)! It is an amazing publication (of course, its Domino!) with zero ads taking up valuable space! Spoiler Alert (kind-a): If you are a lover of dogs, you will love the last page! 

Oh, and they are going to also be releasing a second issue in the fall! Pick up those sparkly pom-pons and shout out a huge hip-hip-hooray for Domino!!! 


A few of my favorite snippets:  

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  1. Must go get this now! Thanks for the info! :)


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