Monday, April 23, 2012

hey-MACAROON-ah: Laduree + Macaroon Box

hey-MACAROON-ah: Laduree + Macaroon Box 

Over Easter weekend my bestie Sarah gifted me with this darling faux Macaroon Box! 

She bought my macaroon box inside the 5,000 sq ft Home Décor store, The Cross Décor & Design in Vancouver, British Columbia . . . but it looks like you can buy yours here:

I am totally smitten with Macaroons . . . though taste-wise, I would probably choose a chocolate chip cookie or slice of white wedding cake over a macaroon. . . it is not their taste however, but their Marie Antoinette beauty that gets me everytime! Simply stunning. 

Laduree is the luxury Parisian pastry brand known as the inventor of the double-decker macaroon. Laduree's signature celadon color, gorgeous interior decoration, impeccable packaging & abundant signature macaroons are ever-present in Laduree pastry shops & tea rooms world-wide. Laduree opened it's first US location in NYC in the fall of 2011! 

The Laduree Macaron Menu:

I had previously visited the Champs-Elysee location years ago but more recently while shopping inside Harrods Knightsbridge London Mr. Z & I made a stop at the beautiful Laduree Parisian chic patisserie & tearoom, for Macaroons & Champagne! Heavenly! 

Laduree's Signature Celadon Entrance (shown here the Parisian Champs-Elysee entrance): 

Here I am, about to be squashed by a London Taxi outside Harrods:

I am still swooning over their perfect presentation . . . no detail overlooked . . . menu, plates, napkins, coasters, boxes in varying shades, sizes & shapes,  even the check was delivered in a beautiful Laduree labeled celadon wrap!

Lets take a moment to marvel at all of that MARBLE . . . wow! 

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  1. Love it! I loved them when I saw them and picked them up the second I walked in the door and carried them around the store as I shopped! I'm glad you liked it ;)


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