Thursday, March 15, 2012

Work of Art: 3D Gallery Wall using Gallery Frame Risers

Work of Art: 3D Gallery Wall using Gallery Frame Risers

Humm . . . What to do with a solid wall that’s 25 ft. tall X 28 ft. wide?!?

I decided on a very eclectic art filled 3D Gallery Wall – packed with oodles of character and color!

A peacock oil painting,  painted by my great-grandmother (what a treasure) provided a wonderful jumping off point for the gallery wall:

I was constantly on the lookout for artwork that I could combine with her painting to achieve an eclectic & collected look - the final addition of sunburst mirrors added just the right amount of sparkle & shine to our 3D Gallery Wall (ps - if you are interested in the sunburst mirror shown above contact me for ordering) 

I scored two additional sunburst mirrors at Target - they were not gold like the online picture shows, instead they were brown-ish metal - so I sprayed them gold = so easy! Our local Target carried two styles - they were SUCH a good deal ($25 each) - I bought them both! 

Target Sunburst Mirror: 


To achieve the Gallery Wall’s 3D look, I purchased Pottery Barn’s Gallery Frame risers and sprayed them all with a coat of ivory to blend with the wall. I also used toilet paper rolls (painted ivory) to keep the mirrors and artwork hanging straight – trust me, you don’t even notice them . . . but you would notice if ½ the paintings were hanging crooked on the wall =  toilet paper roll to the rescue!

Pottery Barns Gallery Frame Risers: 

Toilet paper roll picture straightener (an a-ha! moment): 

I loved the process of mixing together ALL types of sizes, shapes and even mediums including: oil, acrylic, watercolor . . . even quilted fabric & crewel work . . . here is the final product: 

The fabulous chair below was a surprise going away present given to me by my sweet florist when we moved . . . what a wonderful gift! I had it re-upholstered in a peacock-perfect fabric from Rutherford’s Dallas and by suggestion of my design savvy MIL paired it with the gray faux bamboo regency style desk we use as a sofa table (we moved the desks original chair here). I bought the faux bamboo desk from a consignment store on an adventurous outing with a friend- I am sure she thought I was crazy as I was loading it up into my car, it was an extremely odd golden color with a lot of black splatter paint – after some TLC I ended up overhauling it with a few coats of gray paint.  

This post completes our home tour, I hope you enjoyed it, I really had a ball putting it together! I have a lot of Easter DIY projects up my sleeve for you . . . and my tie-dyed hands are proof . . . see you tomorrow! 


  1. This looks unreal Sasha!! I love your gallery wall. You put ugly pottery barn black and white photos to shame. See ya Eiffel Tower picture.

    I remember buying the second left on the bottom one with you, in a place that I will never forget the smell!!

  2. I have enjoyed every room! Way to go, boom basha!!!


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