Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's Dish: Our Modern Galley Kitchen

Lets Dish: Our Modern Galley Kitchen

During our 24 hour hunt for a house a move in ready kitchen was at the very top of the list!

Our current kitchen is “Galley” style and was nicely done – the previous homeowners must have enjoyed being in the kitchen as they put in granite, DCS gas range/oven, Zephyr hood and Kraft Maid cabinets – if you are familiar with kitchen lingo that pretty much means we struck gold in the kitchen department! I would not have chosen the same color route as they did – however I haven't really given the color scheme much thought as it is quite nice & functions very well! 

Surprisingly, I’m not really one to load up the kitchen countertops with lots of décor – the more I am in the kitchen the more I like to keep pantry items in the pantry, dishes & utensils in the cabinets and "pretties" at a minimum- - providing me with a clean & clear work space. For me it just makes cooking easier . . . or perhaps I should say clean- up easier . . . without olive oil spray and powdered sugar build up all over everything . . . eventually I learned  - clean & clear countertops for me from here on out! 

Don't get me wrong,  I would love to pile up vignettes, stacks and groupings of decor throughout the kitchen, but our kitchen layout doesn't really allow for that AND cooking! Of course that’s not to say that I don’t like having some décor to jazz things up – I keep our cookbooks stacked on antique silver trays and can never have too many glass apothecary jars – I would really like the small collection to grow to a large collection this year! 

A piece of modern art ties into the pale blue backsplash tiles and the silver leaf leopard bench is the perfect catch all when I come back from the grocery store. (ps - the frame of the bench was found out of a trash can from my besties old Dallas neighborhood - after doing some minor surgery on the leg and silver leafing the frame, she was ready for some cut velvet leopard upholstery magic!) 

A splash of sparkle was added by hanging a silver starburst mirror above the sink. 

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