Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Living Color: Peacock, Peridot & Pink Living Room

In Living Color: Peacock, Periodot & Pink Living Room

My original plans for this side of our living room swirled around an additional seating arrangement with a custom large scale fully tufted very TALL banquette in peridot velvet against the huge ivory wall, 2 hot pink demilune skirted tables flanking the sides, a coffee table and a pair of chairs. The hot pink tables made it across the finish line (they function as sofa side tables, holding the vintage glass bamboo lamps), however the tufted banquette (along with the other pieces) only made it through round one . . . fabric purchase!

I went a different “non-upholstered” route for this large wall. I fell in love with the vintage buffet; it was so so so fabulous (I mean look at the carving & oversized pinwheel pulls!), that it quickly took the place of the tufted peridot velvet banquette I had originally drafted. The buffet needed some “large scale friends” – the enormous painting is the size of a truck bed  - - literally - - and the antique crystal sconces are 41/2 feet tall! The antique sconces were originally gold, an “arm” or two had been broken and they were in need of wiring – BUT I knew that they were going to be perfect when painted gray (even if I had to remove – and then reattach all of the crystals by hand!) I love the vintage bamboo “host & hostess” chairs, they were originally suede and I had them each recovered in a light Brindle Cowhides – I originally placed them in our dining room however, by suggestion of design savvy MIL moved them into our living room where I love them so much more!

“Before” Photo (sorry for the poor quality = taken with camera off MLS website) :

“After” Photos: 

“Before” Photo (sorry for the poor quality = taken with camera off MLS website):

“In Progress” Photo - you can see the original gold sconce (I had taken one sconce home on approval from the antique store), you can also see where the pink & green chairs were originally placed (in the end, they were moved here, and replaced with the light brindle cowhide covered vintage bamboo host & hostess chairs seen below): 

I use the candelabra version of these low watt  flicker flame bulbs for the sconces -  they "dance" in orange . . . providing a kind of a funny "haunted house" look in the evenings! But . . . I went through a ridiculous number of Home Depot light bulb returns  quite a few trial bulbs and liked these the best! 

“After” Photos: 

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