Thursday, March 22, 2012

Foiled: $2 Foil Easter Bunny & $1 Foil Easter Egg

FOILED:  $2 Foil Easter Bunny  &  $1 Foil Easter egg 

 Foil Easter Bunny $39 Each: 

Foil Easter Egg with Bunny $35:  

I am certain you have seen the Foil Easter Bunnies and Foil Easter Eggs while shopping around your city or online (see above). I love them, but they are pricey! This project is an easy way for you to spruce up Easter décor that was in your garage sale/give away pile! If you don’t have any “iffy” Easter décor in your attic make a quick stop at your local thrift store and pick a few things up!

Our Thrift Store was having a “1/2 off Sale” on what they call “Bric – Brac” or what my mom & I call “smalls” . . . 

I scooped up this Easter Bunny for $2 and the Easter Egg for $1:

Supply List:
Easter Décor that needs a face-lift
Acrylic Paint (metallic acrylic paint would be best but I didn't have any on hand)
Sponge Brushes or Artist Brushes or both
Glue Gun & Glue sticks
Elmer’s Glue (or similar)
Glitter or Glitter Glue

Step 1: Rip small pieces of foil, crumple & un-crumple: 

Step 2: Take the crumpled foil and begin to wrap it around your Easter object – use the glue gun for places the foil wont “stay”. Continue until object is foiled: 

Step 3: Using a sponge brush (or if you want to be more detailed use an artist brush) apply acrylic paint to the foil – a sponge brush will help keep the foil looking well, like foil! Paint until Easter object is completed. Let dry.

Step 4: In a cup mix ½ part water, ½ part glue to make a “glue wash”.
Using a sponge brush apply the “glue wash” to the Easter object, and then add glitter!  

 What do you think? A savings of SEVENTY ONE DOLLARS (not even including the cost of shipping they would charge!) I'll take it!! 


  1. This picture of craft stuff looks all together too familiar. :)

  2. Great idea!!! I love your version.

  3. I like it even without the paints!

  4. These look sooo pretty. I'll bet if you used alcohol inks or copic markers on the foil it would give a lovely transparent look to them.


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