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Eggstravaganza: DIY How to Blow Out an Egg & DIY How to Marbleize an Egg

Eggstravaganza: DIY How to Blow Out an Egg & DIY How to Marbleize an Egg

I want make pretty Easter Eggs that I use in my decor year after year, how about you? 

I have the answer: House Dressing Style's DIY Easter Egg Tutorials:

DIY Tutorial: How to Blow Out an Egg:

Step 1: Gather Supplies:
                (This supply list includes supplies for all DIY Tutorials listed below) 
            Antibacterial Soap & Water
            Bowls (dye-friendly)
            Paper towels
            Food Coloring 
                    (I was going for a Robins Egg Blue & selected Wilton Brand Teal  
                      and Wilton Brand Sky Blue - they turned out to be pretty
                      much the same color of blue on the eggs)                                   
            Olive Oil
            Safety pin
            Paper clip or piece of small florist wire or similar
                           (I used a PAAS egg dipper and straightened one side)
            Mini muffin pan
            Drying rack = shoe storage shelf or similar
                        DIY drying rack: old box, ruler, alteration pins & marker  
            Spoon or PAAS egg dipper
            Rubber Gloves
            Dye Friendly towels & clothes/ apron J

PS - Be sure to hold onto the egg cartons . . . you can use them to store your Easter Eggs after Easter! 

Step 2: Wash eggs in warm soapy water (then dry):  

Step 3: Using a large safety pin poke a hole in one side of the egg and continue the process until you form a small hole:

Step 4: Repeat “Step 3” on other side (you now have small holes on each end of your egg):

Step 5: Using the straightened edge of a PAAS egg dipper, straight florist wire, paper clip or whatever you have to gently “whisk” inside of egg over sink. Next, I used my mouth and blew into one of the holes while the contents of the egg came out via the hole on the other side and into the sink. This is really really gross, so I will spare you the pictures. You can use a needle-less syringe or a rubber ear bulb to blow out the contents of the egg instead of using your mouth: 

Step 6: Once the egg is blown out, rinse the egg thoroughly in antibacterial soap & water or salt water and try to remove all excess liquid before placing egg into mini muffin pan to fully drain. 

Once all of your eggs are complete – place the egg filled mini muffin pan into oven at 350 for 12-15 minutes.  This process is to get rid of any excess liquid and “bake out the bacteria.”

CAUTION: DO NOT touch the egg out of oven – wait for them to cool down. Disclaimer: Your kitchen will have a scent of hard-boiled eggs/cake, its weird . . . might want to light a candle! : 

Step 7: If you do not have something that will function as a drying rack for the egg once you dye it, create your own using this DIY Drying Rack Tutorial
            7a: Use a cardboard old box (Styrofoam foam core, whatever
                  you have on hand that you can place pins into)
            7b: Make a tight grid with a ruler (remember to make the squares
              of the grid smaller than the egg so the egg doesn’t fall through
              the pins)
            7c: Place pins onto grid = now you have a drying rack: 

DIY Tutorial: How to Dye an Easter Egg with Food Coloring

Step 8: Add food coloring to a bowl of 2 – 3 cups of warm water, add 2 tbsp. of vinegar and place egg into dye – using a spoon pour dye over egg:

Step 9: Remove dyed egg with spoon or PAAS eye dyer and place onto drying rack  (if you are using something like a shoe storage rack – be sure to place a dye friendly towel underneath to catch dye drippings as the egg dries):

If you want to Marbleize your Egg instead follow this DIY Tutorial: 
How to Marbleize an Egg:

Follow Steps 1 - 7 listed above 

Step 8:  Add food coloring to a bowl of 2 – 3 cups of warm water add 2 tbsp. of vinegar


Add about one tablespoon of OLIVE OIL into food coloring
(Do not over olive oil the water – start with a very small amount and work to larger amount if needed)

 SWIRL with spoon
            (SWIRL EACH TIME before placing individual egg into DYE)

Place Egg on one side, and then flip to the other side - do this pretty quickly: 

Step 9: Remove the egg with spoon or PAAS egg dyer
Place egg onto paper towel and BLOT – DO NOT RUB: 

Step 10: Place marbleized egg onto drying rack (egg still might be a tad oily – that is okay – let it try before blotting further): 

I L-O-V-E the marbleized eggs (and am perhaps currently obsessed with marbleized anything - - - SPOILER ALERT have an amazing DIY Marbleizing project ahead for you)  . . . but for now, armed with the handy DIY Tutorials above you can create your own fabulous Easter Eggs to use year after year! 

Now its time to decorate with your handmade Easter Eggs - I used American Moss brand Natural Excelsior Moss (found by the raffia & moss at your local craft store) to make a "nest" below inside a vintage robins egg blue urn - Tip: you could also use a cake plate or a candlestick instead of an urn: 

looks like someone didn’t wear her gloves J

Don't get rid of any eggs you might brake or your egg cartons - I have DIY Projects for both coming up this week! 

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  1. I wish i had seen this last night... i was literally blowing out eggs for hours and getting some weird film from the dye on them. Some look good, but no surprise, weird. I did find that a wax remover is an easy way to shoot the egg out of the other side instead of using your mouth!!


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