Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Bright Side: Storage Closet turned Office Makeover

The Bright Side: Storage Closet turned Office Makeover

Yes, you read that correctly! Not too long ago my office was a closet! When I pitched the idea of turning the closet into an office to Mr. Z, I received a puzzling look . . . but when I proceeded to remove the carpet and paint the floor Cobalt Blue I’m confident he thought I was crazy (a common look given by the hubby of a DIY wife!)

I would ask him, “what do you think?” and he, being a smart husband would respond in the way he often replies to questions of that nature - in code - “I know I’ll like it when you’re finished.” (As I mentioned, quite smart!) 

Originally I picked out Designers Guild Flocked Fioravanti Print in either Peony or Azure. And then reality hit. Between the costs of having the walls properly primed (aka: removing the “orange peel”), the wallpaper hung, and the wallpaper itself – I had to remind myself that this was in fact a storage closet!



On to plan B . . . I needed to figure out a more budget friendly way to transform the closet I was making into my office. If I wasn’t going the Designers Guild wallpaper route - what I would try next would be wrapping paper! This wrapping paper I scooped up from the Dollar section at Target– I loved the fun color combination as well as the funky pattern.  

Then I walked over to Target's card & party section and snagged a few rolls of this paper to ya know, add some more pattern to a 5 x 9 closet!

Now, armed with rolls of wrapping paper instead of wallpaper, I had a plan, one that swirled around Kelly Green, Cobalt Blue and Aqua!

I took a swatch of the wrapping paper and headed around the corner to Home Depot – I matched up the colors and came up with the following plan, I would paint:
Floor & Ceiling Behr’s Sapphire (enamel for the floor)
Walls Behr’s Pepper Grass
Armoire Behr’s Jamaica Bay
Pagoda top Faux Bamboo Chinoiserie Chandelier a couple of coats of Rust-oleum Painters Touch spray paint in Aqua

Bags of Home Depot goodies later, I was ready to tackle the makeover! 

Behr’s Sapphire       Behr’s Pepper Grass        Kilz Primer 

"Before" = Storage Closet:  
Shelves removed, carpet pulled up and 
one coat of Behr's Pepper Grass aka "Im going for it" green on the walls :
Spackle & many cans of "Orange Peel" texture later
(yes, that is my pink step ladder - of course!): 

Floor primed, ceiling painted, 
walls "orange peeled", spackled & painted:
Floor painted:
 Originally I thought I wanted to add graphic stripes and hung the 
wrapping paper with quite a few 3M Command Strips 
(but changed my mind in the end to no stripes and used the paper in accents):

I did keep the kelly green wrapping paper on the far wall 
(it was hung using 3M Command strips 
so later I can pull it off without damaging the walls):
Closet turned Office Makeover Reveal: 

My furry office assistant Bo (if Im in the office, he's in the office): 

I bought the fabulous pagoda top - faux bamboo Chinoiserie metal chandelier during the same quick trip we found our house – I wasn’t sure where it was going, but it was coming to live with us! Mr. Z’s boss kindly let him store it in the office until we moved a few months later! Once painted & professionally re-wired it made a fab statement! 

My desk is Ikea’s Vika Hyttan stainless top with Ikea’s Vika Fintorp legs (I think these legs are now discontinued) – my father in law had them welded on for me. Pulled up to my desk is Pottery Barn Teen’s Perforated Airgo Chair (though if their Ooh La La Swivel Chair would have been manufactured at the time you can bet it would be in its place!) Sitting on top of the desk is a perfectly blue -green vintage lamp (professionally re-wired of course) and a variety of bowls to organize pens, clips, mail & post its.

One-wall showcases my Event Design work featured in publications framed in acrylic boxes, along with a lively white mirror, the other large re-styled vintage framed bulletin boards. The armoire is filled with decorative accessories to drive home the color scheme, photographs and of course coffee table books! 


  1. LOVE. IT. This is definitely my favorite room yet! I also love that Bo's bed fits in perfectly. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, tooooo cute!!!! I wish you lived in Austin..I'd have you come decorate my house!!!!


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