Tuesday, March 20, 2012

24 Carrot: Goldfish Carrot for your Easter Bunny

24 Carr0t: Goldfish Carrot for your Easter Bunny

We have all seen the Reese’s Easter Carrot and the Jelly Belly Easter Carrot – but the goldfish Easter Carrot is not as wildly popular (not yet at least)!



In today’s earlier Easter PEEP Smores Jar post – “carrot” goldfish were also featured in the photo – they make a perfect companion to the smores – by providing a “salty” side to the “sweet” smores!

How to make a Goldfish Easter Carrot: 

Supply List:
Goldfish (or any orange salty snack)
Piping Bag (or Ziploc bag)
Green Ribbon

Simply pour the goldfish into your piping bag, “seal” with clear rubber band and tie with green ribbon. . . prest-o, chang-o. . . Goldfish Easter Carrot! (note: you will be able to see the Wilton label printed on the piping bag. . . if you want to cover it, add a label or a sticker) 

Click here to see today's earlier post featuring Goldfish Carrots and PEEP Smore Jars! 

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