Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Supper Club: Chinese Leopard Toile Asian Inspired Dining Room

Supper Club: Our Dining Room

Okay, so I may have told you a little fib . . . in yesterdays post I announced that today I would showcase the guest bathroom . . . but I have since reconsidered and decided to post all of the bathrooms together . . . but not today!

For our dining room I have a blurry “before” shot from the online MLS posting taken with my camera – pretty much a horrible photo – but it at least gives you an idea of the “before.” Yes, I had iPhone photos but those were put to rest when I spilled a LOT of fabuloso cleaner onto my iPhone – the salesman told me there is still a chance that one day it will turn back on – but I’m not holding my breath – that was over 6 months ago!

Back to the Dining Room! The wooden antique chairs were hand-me-downs from my mother; they were in her attic and in perfect condition! In our last home I had linen “skirted dresses” made for them (aka slipcovers), in white and natural linen color but in this house it was a little too washed out with the floors and the walls to leave the slipcovers on the chairs.  She had the chairs upholstered years ago in one of my all time favorite prints, Brunschwig & Fils Chinese Leopard Toile.  Not only did she have 6 chairs in her attic but matching drapes as well! S-C-O-R-E! I happily removed the slipcovers and added a much needed punch of color to our dining room.

The hanging Asian screen and the Asian paneled art work are antiques, as is as the large brass lamp, the accessories placed on the bold red fretwork console table are vintage pieces and pair of curled bamboo mirrors were from the den in our last home.  The pair of chrome vintage side-tables under the console I envisioned being made into stools to provide additional seating when we host parties . . . apparently my procrastinating paid off because a few weeks ago I landed some super cute stools with casters that I plan to have re-covered instead (now I really need to choose a fabric - any suggestions? I'm thinking of going with either an ikat or missoni-chevron inspired choice ). 

Want to steal my Supper Club look? 

                  Dining Room "Before" Photo (sorry re: poor quality = taken with camera off MLS website)                   

Dining Room "After" Photos 

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