Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Steal this Look: DIY Panels inspired from High Style by Woodson & Rummerfield

In yesterdays post I announced that today I would have a DIY tutorial - here it is! 
DIY: Panels inspired by Woodson & Rummerfield’s High Style
 I purchased Woodson & Rummerfield’s High Style coffee table book several years ago and loved everything about it . . . especially these wall installations:

The minute I spotted them gracing their pages I was in love.
Then we moved . . . moved again and then I remembered not only how much I loved them but that I had the perfect location for them – our master bedroom!

Shopping List:
Lattice (cut to your dimensions, 4 pieces total - 2 vertical, 2 horizontal) 
             (mine were 38 H x 26 W) 
Large Wooden Floral Wreath form 
Paint (for lattice & wreath form that creates the frame)
Poster Board (4 sheets) 
Wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric for inlay of frame installation 
Glue - 3 types - Elmer’s, Hot Glue & Gorilla Regular/Wood Glue or your favorite
Wood Filler
Picture hanger
Fine tooth saw

How I recreated the look:
1. Using computer paper I cut out a paper “dummy” using my measurements of the area I wanted to hang the frame installation panel (as well as a paper "dummy" of what I was planning to hang inside to help guide the size of the frame) 
2. Went to Michaels and purchased a large wooden floral wreath form
3. Went to Home Depot and had 4 pieces of lattice cut into the dimensions from my paper “dummy” in step #1 (mine were 38H x 26W) 

4. Using a small fine tooth saw, cut the large wooden floral wreath form into 1/4’s & laid it out with the 4 pieces of lattice 
4A painted the structure with its first round of paint
5. Gorilla glued all of the pieces together (and used anything I could find in our garage to “secure” the structure as the glue dried)
5A filled in the holes from the wooden wreath form with wood filler
5B after the glue & wood filler dried sanded down the areas that  “expanded”   
 5C painted the structure 2-3 more times
6. Using 4 pieces of taped together poster board traced & cut out the interior inlay
7. Glued the wrapping paper to the interior inlay poster board (using a thin coat of Elmer’s glue)
8. Glued the cut out interior inlay poster board to the frame (using hot glue)
            8A hammered a picture hanger into the frame
9. Hung frame wall installation
9A Hung a mirror inside (you could also hang art, sconces, anything!)

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