Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rocks of Art: How to display your Jewelry (in a Pretty way)

Rocks of Art: How to Display your Jewelry (in a Pretty way)

I don’t have my ears pierced! My parents wanted me to wait until I was 13 to have them pierced and by then I was over it. At that juncture girls my age were either sporting the classic “Tiffany Beads” in silver or “Be Fri/ Est Ends” from James Avery and mothers were probably donning something that looked like a small fruit basket or silver cross with turquoise inlay.  So my motivation to have a piercing gun to my ear was well . . . lacking! 

Years past and suddenly earrings were everywhere and I was the girl who did not have my ears pierced! I didn’t even want them pierced! What I did want were earrings!

And so I began collecting vintage earrings. Why? They are usually CLIP ons!  

Vintage earrings, led to vintage necklaces, led to vintage bracelets.
You get the picture.

Over the years my collection has grown keeps growing. . . and I love to display my “rocks of art” in antique teacup saucers. They are a great size and very easy to organize by color, style, whatever you fancy. You can choose to leave them out on your dresser, nightstand, and countertop or use them in your drawers.

I also love silver trays “with feet” – a pretty way to organize bracelets!
Another option shown below is a brass & glass display box, which holds the custom feather hairpin as well as the earrings I wore on our wedding day.

With Spring right around the corner its time to do some spring cleaning/organizing and this is the perfect project to get you started!
Coming up I will also be sharing other organizational tips with you including 
how to display/store necklaces, rings, scarves and shoes! 

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