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Raise the Bar: Bar & Nook

Raise the Bar: Bar &  Nook 

Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t really understand the need for a bar that is right next to the kitchen. However our house came with one – a nice one – complete with granite, sink, sub zero drink fridge, icemaker and a lot of storage for all of my glassware (including the ice maker which we have unplugged!) But, I digress . . .

I hung the painted shell canvas with a 3M Command Damage-Free picture hook on the mirrored wall to help break up all of the mirror – then placed 2 Crystal table lamps from Restoration Hardware on the bar. One of the lamps was given to us as a wedding gift by someone I cherish and one of my mothers dearest friends – I fancied it so much I bought us another so we would have a pair. I. LOVE. PAIRS.) I have always been drawn to the look of antique glass and crystal decanters and several years ago started a small collection for Mr. Z - shown on the bar. Additionally 2 Jim Beam Poodle Decanters from 1970 are on either side - one given to me as a gift from someone I simply adore, another one of my mothers dearest friends who happens to also be my besties mama! (PS - We have a standard poodle, Bo, who we absolutely adore and I personalize our home with antique poodle finds – if you look to the right you can see a vintage framed needlepoint hanging on the wall as well!)

The “nook” is an area close to the bar and across from the formal dining room and though I am 100% unsure of its purpose – I do enjoy filling any space (including my garage, sorry Mr. Z) with furnishings and this was of course no exception! The wooden bamboo style card table was found at an antique store - the legs are easily removable which was handy for hauling it home in my mother in laws small SUV – I painted the dark wood a bright & shiny silver metallic to spice things up. The 4 metal bamboo chairs were also found at an antique store - while exploring some near by small towns with my mother in Oklahoma - I had the seats upholstered in steel metallic faux snakeskin (which I can order for you if you would like it in your home too!) The linen drapes woven with a touch of silver metallic were hand stenciled by yours truly (I’ll save that for another post).

On to the framed shell prints – like many of you, I can say with certainty that I have a story for pretty much every single piece of furniture and most accessories in my home. Not only do the majority have their own history but also a recent history with me – where I was, who I was with, what I had to do to get it home and what happened to it once it was there (sanded, primed, painted and perhaps taken to the upholsterer!) 

These prints were purchased at the Home Goods in and around the DFW area with my mother. We had been in Dallas for one of my best friends weddings and my mother and I were going to take some time after the wedding to shop in Dallas. Sadly I live very far from a Home Goods or a Marshalls – so when I go to Dallas I always try to hit up a minimum of 2. Minimum. When I am with my mother we try to go to I make her go to them ALL! And so we did. In one of the Home Goods I spotted 3 of the prints and those of course were instantly in my shopping cart. Why? Well, I remember that I had seen one or two at another location – which meant I could locate a set. Now then- what location? – why didn’t I buy them at the other stores? – how many had I seen? We proceed to call ALL of the stores to fill in the blanks – we speak with a woman in customer service named Sandra – a few times in fact because we have perhaps re-dialed her stores number in the chaos of trying to track down the prints.

She has 2 – they will hold - perfect. We head back to her Home Goods. They did have 2 what one might call “water related” pieces of “art”  = red white and blue life preservers, NOT Coastal shell prints in Bamboo frames - just sayin'.

By this point my mother and I are now not only determined but delirious to locate a SET of prints – in need of food and caffeine to be sure – and what do we do – go back to every Home Goods we had been to along with all of the other we had not yet ventured to until our car was loaded with 6 prints. Sure, it may have taken us all day – but we walked away with 6 – at a Home Goods price! In our delirium we got incredibly tickled by reenacting our phone calls to the Home Goods with each other, as we would drive to and from one Home Goods to the other:
“Home Goods, this is Sandra” 
“Yes, hi, I was in your store and saw some sea-shell prints with a wooden frame, do you still have those? And if so, can you hold them for me?”
“Ma’am you just called our store” //
“Please hold.” //
“Yes we have those. The ones with booies and life vests”
We were rolling with laughter. This was nearly 3 years ago and to this day when I have her on the hunt for something for me or vice versa – we sign our texts/voicemails with a  “Sandra” sign off -
Sandra, Customer No Service Department or Sandra, VP Hoarding 

On this same Home Goods Hunt I also scooped up a darling patent snakeskin stool seen here – I located its match in the Kansas City Home Goods on a trip with my sister, niece and nephew. My nephew Luke was unsure of how I was going to fit the rather large stool into the car among the luggage, car seats and strollers - - - oh, Luke, don’t you worry – Aunt Sasha is going to MAKE IT FIT – you might be riding on the roof – but that stool is coming back with us! Luckily I am a master packer (and what some might call a pack-rat perhaps)  - we were all able to ride safely home inside the car – with stool in trunk! 

Bar & Nook "Before" Photo (sorry re: poor quality = taken with camera off MLS website) 

Nook "After" Photos

Our card table - similar to Kindel Furniture Dorothy Draper Collections Regency Card Table 

Bar "Before" Photo (sorry re: poor quality = taken with camera off MLS website) 

Bar "After" Photos

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