Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One TUTU three: Fabulous pink TUTU bedskirt

One TUTU three: A fabulous pink TUTU bed skirt – perfectly fitting for Valentines week!

Ten years ago my fabulous mother let me design my bedroom in her home! From when I can remember onward she always let me be VERY involved in the choices in my bedrooms growing up . . . I remember being 10 and wanting these giant blue and white balloon shades to hang across my windows (lucky for me I got them)! That room was on the blue side of periwinkle, white with accents of yellow and pink – put together with a skirted nightstand, French antique furniture and a comfy custom blue and white buffalo check club chair with matching tufted ottoman complete with fringe. If I run across a picture I will post it!
Any who . . . 10 years later we moved and this time I wanted frogs and PINK! (Why frogs, umm, not sure!)
We hung an antique chandelier, moved in French antiques, a curvy carved French headboard with cane backing, a pink settee (that belonged to my great Aunt) and a dramatic full length hot pink silk shantung bed skirt (some would call it a “skirted coverlet” or perhaps a “TUTU”). I spotted the fabric at a store that specialized in pageants and dance – and it was PERFECT!

Luckily for me, when we travel back to Tulsa, Mr. Z (my husband) and our standard poodle Bo, are able to pile back into this perfectly pink room!


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