Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clean Slate: Slate Gray, Silver & White Formal Living Room

Clean Slate: Slate Gray, Silver & White Formal Living Room

I love our formal living room. Our home has a very open floor plan and the formal living room is positioned in the center of the home – which is nice for me since I enjoy walking through it daily!

People are always asking “where did I find this or that”  - my current series of daily blog posts featuring the rooms in our home are to happily help fill in those blanks. So, you know the drill – featured room and a little long story!

Our formal living room is another spaced filled with unique stories –
I will  fill you in on some today and fill you in on some later!

The silver velvet sofa was a very nice hand-me-down sofa from my mother in law and was used in the den from our last home – for this home I had it re-styled and upholstered in silver velvet. I literally jumped up and down squealing with delight when it was delivered! The pair of acrylic side tables are from an antique store and are actually mannequin stands (the top has a small hole where the mannequin would be screwed into place.) All of the pillows were custom made. The fabulous French antique chairs were purchased when my mother lived in NYC back in the 70’s – I did not even have to have them recovered – the slate gray woolen flannel was in perfect shape (there are actually four – the other two are here.) The small tassel table with marble top was found at an antique store shopping with my mom and serves as the perfect place to keep a small display of our match-book collection of notable places Mr. Z and I have been together – including the night we were engaged and our honeymoon.

The French antique carved natural wood coffee table with carrera marble top is a total gem (also purchased when my mother lived in NYC) this coffee table has been through many moves and was used by my mother up until we began re-working her bedroom – and then much to my delight she passed it down to me! The marble top is not original, in fact, when I was a little girl I thought it would be fun to jump on the original marble top (as if it were a trampoline) with my godbrother – we blamed the babysitter – but mom knew us all too well! The coffee table accessories include one of my favorite accessories – coffee table books – including Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers – gifted to me by my sister upon hearing that one of my mothers friends had flattered me with a wonderful compliment: "the formal living/dining room in our last home reminded her of the work of Jan Showers!" I about passed out. 

The antique mirror scored at an estate sale serves as a perfect plateau for three beautiful pieces of crystal, one a Waterford decanter belonging to my late grandfather. The cowhide rug beneath is from Atwood’s. The vintage iron bamboo swivel bar chair was purchased at Salvation Army and I had the seat re-upholstered in a modern gray and white print. The French antique armoire was what I call “faux European finished” by me in white and silver and then I had the interior upholstered with the same white and silver metallic linen fabric I used for  the draperies (minus the stencil). The all white accessories range from new to vintage – with 3 reflective mirrors - one on each shelf (two vintage, one west elm). The art is from Wisteria. The white with silver metallic threading linen drapes were hand stenciled by me in metallic silver (future post to come).

The French Provincial buffet was scored on our way back from a buying trip in Canton, Texas out of a Dallas thrift store and was actually a “buy one get one free.” My mother and I spotted a small chest that would be perfect for one of the  interior decorating booths we had – this buffet came with it – I wanted to leave it behind – but she insisted we take it by exclaiming “We have the U-Haul, lets fill it up!” (and as you might have guessed we did!) I painted it with a “faux European finish” as well. The vintage bamboo mirror came from Goodwill – I painted it white with a bit of gloss.  The pair of lamps are from an estate sale – they were dark wood, but had not only a great shape but an interesting carved pattern as well and were heavy– I painted them white and re-placed the shades with huge vintage shades (from lamps I bought for the shades only) and I recovered them in white patent snakeskin.  The seriously heavy bust planter (the “head” as Mr. Z calls it) was a gift from my mother – and is filled with reindeer moss (a favorite). 

Formal Living Room "Before" Photos (sorry re: poor quality = taken with camera off MLS website) 

Formal Living Room "After" Photos 


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