Monday, February 20, 2012

Be our Guest, Be our Guest: Chartreuse, Celadon & Aqua Guest Bedroom

Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest: Guest Bedroom

I know what you are thinking, that was a long wait from the sneak peak teaser. And you are right! I blame the pinkness of Valentine’s Day fogging up my brain.

When we purchased our current home – we did it in a flash – ONE day to be exact! We looked at 14 homes and settled on our current home by the end of the day. We will have been in our home one-year the end of this month.

From the moment the house was under contract, we knew we wanted a new look for our master bedroom as we would be moving into a master “suite” which included a small sitting area and his and hers bathroom. A king bed was at the VERY TOP of the list and lucky for me a new size bed means, well, new bedding and a new headboard! I re-worked our old master bedroom into the guest room. But . . . It wasn’t really working for me. It was the first bedding I purchased after college and it had been with me through three moves, this was the fourth, to be honest I think I was just, well, over it.

I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for . . . until . . .I walked into Stella Dallas. They had 3 Designers Guild  Euro shams that had everything right! Pale blue, white, gray and a shot of lemon lime chartreuse. What perfect guest room hues! I bought the shams about 30 seconds after I spotted them (as well as a fabulous Designers Guild stripe throw blanket)! And then promptly started day dreaming my entire drive back from Dallas of how I wanted the guest room to look.

 I happened to have some fabulous chartreuse taffeta in my ever expanding “fabric stash” and enlisted custom pinch pleated draperies to be made  - I like to call them my “ball gown” drapes - even though they don't puddle or pouf - they are solid taffeta, very "ball gown"! My mom purchased us a pale blue  Peacock Alley coverlet and a white pique Peacock Alley duvet cover (each with coordinating shams – which I had monogrammed). I purchased perfectly pale blue sheets and then stumbled upon un-opened pale blue bed skirts at the local Salvation Army  . . . in the Target section (yes, this thrift store has its own Target thrift store room, which I will tell you about another time as it is amazing.) I went home with two and placed them like a “waterfall” to conceal the bed risers (aka cinder blocks). I purchased the headboard at a consignment store – the shape was perfect - then had my upholsterer re-work it in white velvet, deep tufting and oversize nail trim. All of the furniture was re-worked from our last home – one side table was in our den, the other our master bedroom, the lamps our kitchen, the artwork from our formal living room and the white snake patent stools were two of the seats from our dining table. By using what we had, mixing in a few additional hand selected furnishings and a few more new accessories - the guest bedroom came together perfectly in our new space.

Other than the headboard, the only other piece of new furniture I added to the space was a bamboo style secretary, which I scored out of a closet in a local consignment store – Mr. Z and I had to rent a U Haul truck in another town to pick it up – but eventually it made it to our house! (I repainted it to match the color scheme, as you will soon come to find out, I pretty much re-paint everything I buy). 

Guest Room 

So come on over and be our guest - your room awaits! 
Tomorrow, the guest bathroom . . . 

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