Welcome to House Dressing Style!

Welcome to House Dressing Style! This is a blog that I started out of my passion for designing and baking. I hope you enjoy the features here as much as I do.

House Dressing Style opens its beautiful garage doors in Tampa to let you in our secrets, tips, and hacks for styling your lovely homes. You can check the photos that I post for your design inspiration. I feature different home styles – modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century modern, Scandinavian, traditional, transitional, French country, Bohemian, rustic, shabby chic, Hollywood glam, or coastal or Hamptons style. I will show you a combination of these styles and how they work together to give you the perfect ambiance in your home. You do not have to stick to a single interior design. I say a mix of each and everything will make it for fun and define you and your home according to your personality, preference, and budget. Let me stress budget here because some people think that it is expensive to decorate and design their house. But I say it does not need to be expensive. The trick is in knowing what goes well together. You can get your ideas here and start creating your ideal home. I would surely be delighted to be a part of that aspect of your home life!

House Dressing Style also offers wedding and event styling. From the interiors of our homes, I want to share my passion for designing to the special events in your life. Let us make your party delightful and fun through carefully coordinated ideas for design fit for your theme, preference, and of course, budget! Tell me what you have in mind and I will come up with design proposals for you complete with timeline and budget quotation so that you can have everything prepared. And I guarantee you, it is not your usual knick-knacks and buntings where you feel that you just threw away your money. We will use furniture, tabletops, linens, and fabrics to make your event look great and your guests feel special. I assure you, it will be money well spent.

My other passion is baking that is why I also came up with The Mobile Cupcakery to make your life and events much sweeter. Our vintage trailer full of baked goodies will add fun and enjoyment to your parties and special events. As a designer, I also make it a point that the designs on the cupcakes and baked goods will coordinate well with the theme of your party.

You can also feature your advertisements on my page. If the products and services you offer are in line with home styling, design, and baking, contact me so that I can make a space for you here on my blog. I can also make a review of your products and services so that our readers can know more about your company. As of now, House Dressing Style is a proud partner of creative companies such as 3 Pink Shops, Stella & Dot, Jamie Judd’s Velcro Dog Monogramming and Ronda Roush.

So, feel free to read my blog posts and savor the goodness and style in every page.

Replacing Your Garage Door Springs

Garage door will become malfunction for quite a few reasons but one of the top reasons that I experience most often is the “garage door springs”. These springs are used to counterbalance the weight of the garage door. Since garage doors are very heavy and bulky equipment and springs will support the mechanism to lift the 400 to 500 pounds and make the operations easy. Unfortunately, due to the high weight imposed on the garage door springs, they could eventually break. The important step is replacing a garage door torsion spring as soon as earlier they break down because it could be a cause behind the whole headache which you don’t want to handle. It is good to leave it to the professionals.

Lifespan of garage door springs: The life of garage door springs is determined in “cycles” which indicates how many times they will be usable before it breaks. The heavy-duty springs are ideal for more than 30,000 cycles according to garage door experts. Just assume that you have a well-functional garage door which is opened and closed about 6 times a day, you can expect to enjoy about 11 years of working life before the spring breaks.

Types of garage door springs: There are two common kinds of garage door springs that will be used on residential garage door buildings. One is an extension and the other is torsion garage door springs. a garage door with torsion spring normally has one large spring mounted above the opening of a garage with a spindle running through it. Whenever you operate the garage door, the spring clamps down on the spindle to generate or release the tension to help the garage door to run. Garage doors that have extension springs normally have springs placed on either side of the garage door which stretches out and bounces back when garage door runs.

Garage door springs repair: It is good to ask yourself, what I know about the garage door springs, and what do I do when they got damaged? Since garage door springs are used to lift the weight of the garage door. You may hear a loud noise while the garage door is operating and the garage door is handing at any angle suddenly.

If your garage door has torsion spring, I strongly recommended that hire a reputed, licensed, and certified garage door contractor for the help. Torsion springs are placed under extreme tension which should be handled properly to avoid turning the springs into a potentially lethal object if breaks down. Additionally, the garage door should be aligned properly to prevent it from further damages.

DIY Shabby Chic Design Cabinet

I have already told you how my mom collected and filled our house with wooden antique furniture. She loved them so much that when my husband and I got married, my mother insisted that I took some of our home furniture into our new house. I was about to refuse because it didn’t go well with the overall interior of our modern home but my husband advised me to take my mom’s offer so that she would not be offended. He challenged me to recreate those pieces using my own style in designing so that they won’t seem out of place in our house. And I was more than ready to take on the challenge.

My first home project was recreating the cabinet given by my mother. Since it was made of wood and glass, we decided we wanted to put it in the living room where we can also put our photos and other memorabilia for our guests to see. But the brown varnished cabinet seemed out of place in our living room. So, I figured I wanted to redesign the wooden part into a shabby chic style. This will not alter the cabinet’s look too much so my mom, along with other people, will still appreciate its beauty. It just needed a facelift so I removed the paint and varnish by sanding them down. I then painted it with white but I did not coat it with too much paint so that it still showed its warm wood background. It still had that well-worn appeal. For me, the white paint softened its feature and allowed it to blend with the rest of our furniture. That way, the memorabilia inside would be the accent in our living room. The cabinet adds charm to our place and made it less modern therefore befitting its purpose of holding our cherished memories for everyone else to see. This is a very simple DIY project for you to try. I just coated it with a protective sealer and I was done and satisfied!

DIY Filing Cabinet – Stylin’ Filin’

DIY: Stylin’ Filin’ Cabinets

When it got down to it, my office needed filing cabinets.

Not decorative storage baskets, not decorative magazine storage holders, actual filing cabinets.

The kicker was, filing cabinets are for the most part un-attractive and in my teensy office nook there wasn’t a single place for them to be hidden nor go un-noticed. I decided to transform filing cabinets into something I wanted, not just something I needed!

{See how I turned the storage CLOSET into my to OFFICE by CLICKING HERE }

Dee Dee Filing Cabinets Shopping List:
Filing Cabinet (2 Drawer by Space Solutions from Wal Mart)
Tempered Hardboard
(a 4’ x 8’ piece – cut to drawer size from Home Depot)
Mini Sponge brush roller (one for primer, one for paint)
Paint brush (I use Purdy brand)
Primer (Kilz / Zinser or similar)
Paint (I used Behr Quart in Jamaica Bay from Home Depot)
Sandpaper or sander
Myoverlays.com Overlay ( Dee Dee 6x 10)
Knobs (2 brass knobs from Home Depot)
Gorilla Glue or similar


1. Using some muscle & a pair of pliers, remove the “lock” so the front of the drawer becomes flat (the hole is okay, you will be covering that with the tempered hardboard).

2. Prime your filing cabinet & pre-cut tempered hardboard using a roller or brush.

3. Sand & Paint your filing cabinet & pre-cut tempered hardboard using a roller or brush.

4. Gorilla glue the tempered hardboard to the front of the filing cabinet drawers – place few heavy something’s on the drawers overnight while the glue dries, leaving a towel in between to prevent any indentation. Additionally, gorilla glue knobs down and place something heavy on top of the knob to secure in place as well.

5. The next day add your Dee Dee overlay and your project is complete!

Before (Drab):

After (Fab) – Stylin Filing Cabinets!

DIY: $1 Hat Organizer

I’m not positive, but it seems like Mr. Z has a hat hoarding problem . . . and is uninterested in giving any away. Which is not a big deal, except now we share a closet. I prefer the closet to be tidy & organized and baseball caps galore can really cramp the “tidiness” factor.

This is a very simple way to keep hats organized – for $1!

What you will need: Hanger & “C Hooks” for a shower curtain
What you do: Attach opened hooks to hanger and place hats on hook – that’s it!

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